2013 Creekside BKS.

Please note: Trailer has been SOLD

A great floor plan.

Excellent condition.

Packed with features.

Moving on …

The time has come to part with our much loved Creekside 26BKS. The trailer was purchased in 2013 for $31,000 from Kelowna RV’s and, as is common with?Outdoor RV trailers, has been a very solid and reliable purchase. We are selling to buy a truck bed camper.

The trailer is light without being ‘light and cheap’. Weighing in at around 6,500lbs with empty tanks. Loaded with all our ‘stuff’ (clothes, kitchen gear, food, bikes and triathlon gear and propane) it weighs in at around 7500lbs. We pull it with a Nissan Titan half ton truck (see picture above), with a decent weight distribution hitch and trailer brake.

A great trailer at just 2/3 of the price it was when new.




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What’s it like?

Well, for a start it is in great condition. There is nothing on the trailer that need fixing and, with no kids or dogs, everything looks pretty much as good as new. The slide gives a massive amount of extra space in the main living area and there’s a ton of storage. The kitchen area is pretty good, a decent size fridge freezer compared to some trailers and a three burner gas stove. Lots of lighting and plenty of registers for the heating / air conditioning.

The bathroom is small, we opted for a small bathroom to boost the living space. The toilet is clean and we decided to go ‘liquid only’ in the black tank. There is a small bath but don’t expect a generous soaker tub! There is a shower and shower curtain (never used) and plenty of storage space.

┬áThe interior is warm and cosy and less ‘old fashioned’ than many trailers. It’s a great place to be when you are camping!

Floor Plan

creekside floor plan


Original Sales Details


The Basics

The reason we chose the Outdoors RV Creekside was because of the quality of the build and great features. Everything was well made and looked great too. There seemed to be more thought put into it than many other brands and models we looked at. See all the standard features below but please contact us if you have any questions.

Standard Features
  • Electric awning with rain dump arm
  • Battery saving roof mounted solar panel
  • BBQ bib hose with?separate T fitting at the gas tank.
  • Outdoor speakers
  • Single unit day and night shades.
  • Bathroom wall?mounted hair dryer
  • A black tank sani flush system
  • Pillow top mattress
  • Full extension metal drawer slides

Keep it tidy

Some great storage features get rid of the clutter, essential in a trailer. The Creekside is really well equipped with storage and has some great features like full length metal drawer guides which allow you to make the most of the drawer space.

Storage Features
Kitchen Area

  • 2 cupboards
  • 3 sliding drawers
  • Large pantry next to the fridge.
  • We used the large sliding drawer storage under the dinette seats for further kitchen storage.

Lounge Area

  • 2 sliding drawers under the sofa
  • 2 overhead cupboards
  • Entertainment area with 2cupboards and 2 shelves

Bedroom Area

  • A bed-side table area on each side of the bed
  • Hanging wardrobe space on each side of the bed
  • 2?overhead cabinets.
  • The whole bed lifts up on a hydraulic support to reveal plenty of underbed storage.


  • The bathroom is compact but still has tons of storage
  • Behind the mirror
  • 1 cupboard under the sink
  • A?floor to ceiling storage area next to the toilet.


  • We?don’t have kids, so the bunk space is a great additional storage space.
  • The bunks are also accessible through a large door outside and the bottom bunk folds up creating a ton of space – we are able to store two bikes and our bike kit in there.
  • The top bunk has a ton of room for further storage.


  • 2 ‘slam shut’ doors on either side at the front of the trailer.
  • The storage space here goes all the way from one side to the other, great for outdoor kitchen equipment, BBQ,?mats, hoses and whatever else you care to put in there.

Well insulated. Hot or cold.


Designed for mountain states and Western Canada this trailer will not leave you in the cold and features the Outdoors RV Four Seasons Package.?We have comfortably camped in temperatures ranging from +42? in through to -15?. Forced air heating / air conditioning is fast and efficient and the trailer is well insulated with the Four Seasons Package extras.

Storage Area
  • Triple layered roof insulation
  • Heated and insulated underbelly
  • Insulated luggage doors
  • XL Extreme Camping Heating Furnace
  • Astro foil?covered holding tanks
  • Heated fresh water tank

Forestry Camping Friendly


If you need to take your trailer off road then it has all the muscle you need. I’d love to say we had tested some of the ‘Off Road Tough’ features but we rarely took it off road, barring a small amount of dirt road on the way to Echo Lake. All the features are original factory upgrades and were on the trailer when we purchased it.

Off Road Package
  • Proper Goodyear radial tires
  • Cambered off road chassis
  • Rugged A frame with protected wiring box
  • Extended diamond plate protection on the front and rear bumper
  • Greater ground clearance.
  • Beefed up rotolock cabinetry
  • Heavy duty?6 lug axles
  • Off road braking system
  • HD shocks

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