Efficient. Simple. Cost Effective.

You’ll like what we do.

Having worked in the advertising industry for more years than I care to remember, I noticed a gap in the market.
Media companies specializing in Marketing, PR and Design are all beneficial to local businesses, but usually quite expensive and used predominantly by larger companies. Small and medium business owners often struggle to find the funds to pay for a media company or the time to promote their businesses successfully themselves.
The businesses needing a media company the most are the ones least able to use them.

But what if a media company was bespoke? What if a media company could tailor services to suit the budget of the local business? Affordable websites, clean modern graphic design, marketing available to budget rather than inflexible monthly fees?

With Young Media everyone has access to the benefits of a media company – the marketing, design and creativity that can kickstart growth.

As businesses grow, we grow with them.

It’s efficient, simple and cost effective.