verb > /ɪˈvɑːlv/

To arise or transform through evolutionary processes


The Logo was developed with the idea that Physiotherapy is a development of human physiology. Whether to repair or improve, the patient gradually transforms through physiotherapy treatment.

We looked at transformations in the natural world. The caterpillar to a butterfly. One of natures miraculous processes.

The concept of a patient physically transforming to a better version of themselves took centre stage with the logo design.

The Butterfly element evolved into a clean, iconic graphic. The angular element of the design sharpened the commonly used curves in butterfly graphics. This reduced the stereotypical femininity commonly used in butterfly graphics and allowed the design to work across genders. 

The butterfly graphic forms a V shape, the angles aligning perfectly the the two ‘V’ letters in the company name.

The spacing of the butterfly above the company name allows the lower tips of the butterfly to line up with those two V letters, making for a nice symmetry.

Mobile Devices


evolve physio flyers



evolve bus shelter


evolve cycle jersey

Horizontal Layout

Half Logo ‘Flying’ Layout

evolve Physio horizontal colour logo
evolve Physio flying colour logo

Alternate Layouts

evolve Physio horizontal colour logo
evolve Physio flying colour logo

Business Cards

evolve Physio business cards

Design Evolution

evolve butterfly logo visuals