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You’ll like our hosting & Admin.

What is Hosting & Admin

Hosting is needed by every website. It is the place where your website is stored. A server, similar to a hard drive on a computer but it’s always on. Always ready to send your website pages to your clients.

Admin is the stuff that gets done to make sure your website works. Updates. Backups. Security. A small, local business website can have around 20 or 30 updates a month. These need to be downloaded, updated and tested. Failure to do that results in a broken website or, worse still, a hacked website. 

Ideally, you’ll have no idea.

For some people, time spent poking around the back end of a website system is a wonderful thing. Ensuring your security is in places and current. Several times a month you will need your themes,  plugins and CMS updated and tested to ensure they both work and patch security gaps.

It’s time consuming. And, frankly, many people loathe it. Which is where we come in. If you pay your hosting each month and don’t think about it a second longer, we’ve done our job. You just know it works, is hassle free and your website visitors have a slick experience.

Ideally, you’ll have no idea what we do in the background. It just works.

Young Media is your Website IT Department.

We save you time. Save you money. And ensure your website is there when you need it.

And at just $75 per month, we’re also great value.

Three things we do really well

For starters, we use great Technology and reliable servers. That’s a great backbone on which we lay our Priority Support should you need it. Finally, all that Admin that makes other sites slow or look outdated. We cover that too.

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Based on some of the best servers available, we keep your site fast and secure.

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All hosted websites benefit from Priority Support. You’ll be a Young Media VIP.
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No need to worry about WP, theme or plugin updates. We’ve got your back.

We’ve got your back.

 A lot goes into making a website, and even more into delivering it to the visitor. Several features give us the edge over our rivals. Your site is safer, more secure and blisteringly quick. If things go completely off piste, we even have a backup of yesterdays site, and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before …. well, you get the picture.

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Superb caching facility, storing your complete pre-assembled web pages for faster delivery.


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Your website, duplicated and securely stored on a separate server. Every. Single. Day.


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Better infrastructure leads to faster sites. Really, they are?very fast sites.

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All your web stuff, on different servers, the fastest / best placed of which delivers your?content.

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Data Transfer


As much data as you need, some might call it unlimited data. Back and forth, at no extra cost.


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Multiple, powerful firewalls. Like your own?300lb gorilla between you and the bad guys.

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Proactive protection and elimination of dangerous malware.


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Multi Packages


Your loyalty rewarded. Discounted packages if you have?more than one website.


Ready to roll?