Jen Annett

Pro Triathlete




The team behind the athlete is as important as the athlete themselves. Companies who keep the arms, feet and wheels in motion, the body fuelled. They are all integral to the outcome on race day because they have been an integral part of the year-round training. They are not just part of the team, they are the team.



Jen is proud to be working with the following partners.






A 33-year-old professional triathlete forged in the triathlon mecca of Penticton, BC, Canada. Jen Annett has developed a reputation as a tough racing athlete, overcoming a battle with epilepsy to become a serious podium contender at every race she enters.


Bike Course records, in particular, have a habit of breaking when Jen is around, including the bike course record at Ironman Arizona and also the fastest Ironman bike time in the world at Ironman Texas


Three podium finishes in 2016 were topped by the ITU Long Course National Championship win. Four Ironman branded race podiums followed in 2017, along with three 2018 along with those bike course records.


2019 has seen Jen on the podium at XXXXXXX, XXXXXXX and the final Ironman Canada in Whistler, the latter booking a well deserved spot on the start line for the 2019 Ironman World Championships in Hawaii









3rd Ironman Arizona (New bike CR)
2nd 2018 Ironman Lake Placid
2nd 2018 Ironman Victoria 70.3
7th 2018 Ironman Texas (New bike Ironman World Record)


3rd 2017 Ironman Arizona
8th  2017 ITU World Championships
2nd 2017 Ironman Canada * fastest bike split
2nd 2017 Ironman CDA 70.3 *fastest bike split
2nd 2017 Ironman Victoria 70.3


1st  2016 Challenge Penticton (ITU Long Couse Nationals)
    *fastest bike split     
3rd  2016 Ironman Victoria 70.3 *fastest Bike Split
1st  2016 Great White North Half  *new bike course record


3rd  2015 Ironman Canada *fastest run split


3rd  2014 Challenge Penticton
3rd  2013 Challenge Penticton





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